Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Promotional Musings

Okay, enough with the musings already.

Please, don’t shoot me for saying that!

I love to muse, but sometimes I need to read other people’s musings, or perhaps I just need to laugh my arse off. Or perhaps I want to interact with other people. There’s certainly nothing wrong with that!

But I want to share these things with you, Constant Reader!

Customers Suck
This is by far my favourite board to lurk. It is the only message board that I go to weekly to read posts to ease my own pain, make me scowl at sucky people, and in general entertain me. I rarely post, and when I do it is generally a long-winded rant about some fool who called in when I was working at a call centre for a large phone and internet provider.

I don’t normally lurk at a board. I’m either posting or I’m not there at all. But this board is special. I no longer work in public service. I no longer have customers. So the only thing I can really complain about would be coworkers, and that’s really not what this message board (and website) is for. So I spend a lot of time reading other people’s horror stories, especially those of Gravekeeper. Gravekeeper, is by far, the best poster on this message board. I laugh, I cry, I cringe. His posts are always epic, and I can relate to many of them as he works in a call centre. And did I mention that Gravekeeper is Canadian? It only makes sense that his posts would be as epic as they are.

I strongly suggest you take a moment to go check out this message board. Almost everyone can related to the posts found there.

Who doesn’t want a great big helping of Fail?

I’ll admit that some of these pictures and videos are distasteful, but some of this stuff leaves me falling off my chair laughing. I’m not kidding! If you want to see a fail of any sort, go to this site. People walking into poles, bad translations, spelling fails. It seriously is hilarious – but only if you like seeing people embarrass themselves.

Renegades of the FBI
This is now my home away from home. It used to be another message board, but I no longer feel comfortable there. I like posting here. It is a message board dedicated to the X-Files, and shows and topics related to it. Since my favourite show is the X-Files (as if you didn’t know that) is it any surprise that I enjoy posting here?

Not only is the topic great, but the members are awesome, and remind me of an old message board I used to frequent way back in the day (2004). Everyone is friendly and helpful, and I don’t feel like I’m going to be attacked just because I don’t agree with everything they think. In fact, it kind of feels like family.

Doggett House
I hate to promote my own message boards, but I feel I must. I love going here. After the big mishap at the ‘other board’, this is one of my places to go. However, I realize that the board dies any time our beloved Luvy is not online. He truly keeps my message board alive, because everyone clamours to talk with this well-loved Duchovny and Patrick fan.

Other websites that I frequent are as follows:

Club Penguin
The Well of Creativity (some more shameless self-promotion)
The Robert Patrick Forum

And here ends my one and only Promotional Blog.

Whack fall the day!

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