Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I Dreamt of You

I dreamt about you last night.

It’s not quite clear what my dream was about. It seemed a bit lost in the past. As if I were leaving Scotland again, or something.

All I know is that I was leaving a place – a house, Japanese style walls – and ahead of me was someone I kinda new. I was heading down a path that led into the woods. As I looked back, I saw you, striding along, as you always did. I don’t remember what you were wearing, but I do know you at least had a bag on your back.

I quickly faced forward again, not wanting you to know that I had spotted you. I feared the reaction I would get if you recognized me, and so I quickened my steps, as I continued forward along the path. Vaguely, I recall I was heading toward a beach, but I did not plan on staying at the beach. I think it was just on the way to my destination. But perhaps you were heading for the beach.

My strides were no match for your long ones, and soon I could hear you behind me.

As you began to pass me I looked up – just as you were looking down to see who you were passing. Instant recognition crossed your face, and then you were smiling, the smile slowly getting larger.

“Hi,” I said timidly, not knowing what else to say.

And your grin got larger, as you replied, “Hi. How have you been?”

And so we bantered back and forth as I blushed in your presence, and then you hinted at wanting to see me later that night. And that I knew where to find you.

Our arms brushed, and my heart skipped a beat, and you continued along down the path. You looked back once, your blue eyes crinkling with your perfect smile. And then you were gone and I had butterflies in my stomach when I realized that you wanted to see me, you wanted to be with me that night. I felt accepted.

Sporatic Musings

It's good to be home.

I missed being the loner I am.

What I did not miss was the huge stack of papers I needed to file when I got back to work on Monday. Nor did I appreciate that no one even tried to file the stuff. They just decided I could do it when I got back. I've been working on the pile ever since I got it at around 9 in the morning on Monday. It's almost gone. All that I have left are copies of notes that do not make sense. Sigh.

I'm glad to be back though. I'm glad to have my birds, and I think it's a bit more comical now that they have their wings clipped. I went to Pet Smart yesterday after dropping off my CDs of pictures (let's not talk about the price I spent on them), and purchased a few ladders for them. The one ladder was almost long enough to reach to the ground from the cage, and I just added a smaller one to the end. So now when they decided to divebomb from their cage they have the opportunity to climb the ladder back up, instead of wander around and wish they could get back to their cage. Luvy figured it out all by himself this morning, and I'm quite proud of him!

I've started to catch up on the show Californication. Always an interesting ride.

And I've run out of things to say.

Back to fanfiction. *wanders off*

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Musings on Batty People

We all know how obsessed I can get with things I love.

I… love to obsess.

It keeps me sane (well, one could debate that I suppose), and I guess it’s a security blanket of sorts.

The things I tend to obsess about will never affect me like a real person could. Therefore, my obsessions can never hurt me – unlike a few choice people in my life.

But my obsessions only go so far.

I don’t believe in stalking people, and I don’t believe in going out of my way to find information on my favourite celebrities. If the information is to be had, I can find it on Google, or at a handful of message boards and websites.

Nor do I act like I’m the only person in the world who knows what they’re talking about when it comes to my obsessions. Unless someone is clearly stating a false fact (that I know to be false because I have researched the topic properly and know the exact correct fact), I will take everything a person says at face value. Because maybe I am wrong and they are right. There is always that issue.

Recently, a certain person, has finally removed her mask and has proven that she’s just as batty and extremely fanatical as I thought. And not only is she batty and fanatical, but she tried making jabs at me. She tried her damndest to make me out to be the bad guy in our little argument.

I’d love to quote some of the tweets she put up about “taking the higher road” and “being the mature one”, but upon inspection, she seems to have deleted all of said remarks. In fact, she’s deleted the entire fight. Gee, I wonder why. Perhaps because it really did make her seem like she was not the one taking the higher road?

I hate to break it to her, but I’m the one who refrained from showing precisely how much her insulting behaviour on Twitter affected me. I did not ban her from my board. I did not let her behaviour outside my message board affect my judgment of her membership to the board. So tell me, how does that reflect upon me?

I would like to think I was the one being fair. I like to think I’m the one who actually reads what people write, and do not interrupt conversations with my own topics. It’s unfair, it’s rude, and it’s downright annoying. But I certainly don’t do that. Thank goodness.

Not only did we have an out-and-out brawl on Twitter, but this woman truly is batty. She had a little spat with my wonderful friend, and it really got him wound up, and I don’t like seeing him in that state.