Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Doggett Musings

Let’s talk about Doggett, shall we?

What can we say about him?


Loyal. Stubborn. Hands on. Serious. Workaholic. Obsessed. Dependable. Strong. Protective. Family-oriented. Humble. Honourable.

With those traits alone, one wonders why so many people hated the man.

But I understand. It’s that fear of change. And instead of putting all the blame on Duchovny, they decided to lay the blame on Robert Patrick for trying to ‘replace Mulder’. But, you see, he never did that.

Sure, during the first few episodes of Season 8, I was prepared for a man who would take over Mulder’s spot on the show, but Agent John Doggett never did such a thing. Meanwhile, he may have replaced Mulder in my heart, but only because when Mulder ‘came back’ he just wasn’t the same quirky, sarcastic man that I had grown to love. And let’s face it: I had fallen head over heels for Doggett while Mulder was MIA.

Why did Kogo fall for John Doggett?

Gosh, where do I begin?

During January and February I met the perfect person for me. Let’s call him RC. RC is amazing. He’s never afraid to try new things, and hates being bogged down by our hometown. His personality is much like my own – craving to try new things, always trying to learn the most random facts, just being unique. He’s an amazing guy.

Without RC in my life, I fear I would have fallen into a deep depression this past month. But thankfully in my hour of need the bugger finally made it back to Canada, rang me up, and I realized he truly was out of sight, out of mind.

RC has stated he could never date me, because in the right light I look like my brother. Although to be quite honest I saw some wistful looks coming my way in the past week or two. But whatever.

When he came out and said that last winter, I was definitely crestfallen, and needed something to fall back on. And well, I always found that RC reminded me of Robert Patrick if he were his age. Or, maybe I should say that I just know RC is going to grow into the same kind of physique as what Patrick has now. So I hit the X-Files and began to be attracted to Robert Patrick. Soon, I was falling in love with the character as well. Because, as I listed above, John Doggett has many wonderful traits.

John Doggett became the perfect man. His clear blue eyes, his accent, his hair (oh what I’d give to run my hands through that hair), his past, his present, his future. That man was everything I wanted.

Jesus, I’m lying, and if Luvy were here to read this he’d say so too. And then claim I really think Max is the perfect man.

*shakes head*

Let me reiterate. John Doggett was the perfect man personality-wise for me.

His past had a big effect on my personal life. Seriously. When I watched John Doe I nearly cried as he began realizing things about himself. “I was a Marine.”

“I had a son.”

When Doggett finally realized his son was dead, he had to go through that torture as if it were brand new.

Let’s just say Robert Patrick should be commended for his amazing acting during this show.

Doggett was never a stalker. He not once went past the boundaries of being a caring friend. He was concerned for Scully’s wellbeing throughout the entire eighth season, as well as in the ninth season. He was only looking out for her wellbeing.

My God.

What I’d give for a man to care about me that much. Nay, what I’d give for anyone to care about me that much.

Doggett was a protector, and boy did my heart need protecting.

So please, no more hating on Doggett.

Whack fall the day!

The Safety Net Musing

One person I used to know couldn't understand it, and another just laughs when I start spewing off random trivia. But truly, why do I do it? Because it's a safety net. And it may explain why sometimes I can stay focused on one for such a long time, and sometimes go through many at once. It's to keep me sane (well, I suppose that could be debated), and to keep my heart from being abandoned.

Yes, I am referring to my celebrity 'obsessions', if you will. I know I'm not the only person to do this, so even though I do know I'm weird, it's certainly not because of my fixations. Well, except, perhaps what I choose to fixate on.

But let me be ultimately clear. I am not truly fixating on the celebrity. I take that face, that body, that beauty and turn it into a spokes model for the things I truly want in a mate. True enough, I do study up on my favourite celebrities - I've read a dozen or so books on Kurt Cobain - but I think deep down I'm hoping to find those traits that I've focused on. And sometimes I do find them. Like in Ewan McGregor's case. But I certainly won't go into detail.

My safety net tends to vary, but I've found they all generally have something in common - loyalty to family. So I know I'm looking for something stable in a relationship. Someone dependable, and loyal, and who won't throw my heart in a grinder.

Safety Net

You are my safety net,
Safety net for my heart.
I know you will catch me
If I fall apart.

When the world
Comes knocking at my door,
I turn to you,
As you've saved me before.

When I look at you
I see perfection.
When I look in the mirror
I wish to see your reflection.

You stand for everything
I've come to know and love.
All my hopes and dreams
Fit you like a glove.

I know you're not real;
But to create you is a must.
For in a world like this one,
You're the only one I trust.


You still are that safety net. You don’t know me. And in all honesty it is your character that I am so fascinated with.

A man with a past, Chris Carter truly developed an amazing thing. An ex-marine, and ex-cop, you are now in the FBI, assigned to the most unlikely division for someone like you. You believe in the cold, hard facts, and you are one tough cookie. You are loyal to the point of blindness. You are not capable of believing in the paranormal. It just isn’t in you, and this has saved you. And you have a weakness. You have such a weakness. All good characters need that one vital spot that can send them to their knees in agony, and that vital spot for you is your son. The murder of your son ten years ago still weighs heavily upon your mind, and at times it can bring you to tears.

This character I am wildly in love with. Seriously. Nothing can compare to a man whose morals include loyalty to family, and a drive to find the truth.

But I have to admit to liking your looks, too.

Musings on Heartache

To finally have something that you’ve wanted for so long and then to have it taken from you. It’s mind boggling, earth shattering. It rips at your heart, as you realize something you craved for so long is over, it’s gone, it will never come back.

You still want, you still need, and you still crave for this thing, However, this thing is gone, your life is now devoid of something you had become so accustomed to. You had let your life revolve around something, and now it was gone. So you are spinning off into outer space, with nothing to pull you in. You had put effort into this. And you had made commitments, and plans for the future, and this one person was such a big part of your life because you thought that this person, this single soul, was the one.

And then the world you were living in was shattered apart. Suddenly, you are finding out, at an unexpected moment that no, this person was not the one. In fact, this person didn’t even want to have anything to do with you anymore.

You have to get used to being only half a person, because you were whole when you were with him/her. It’s hard to do this. Much like when a loved one passes on, and you feel an empty space where they used to fill your life, you are now walking around empty, and pretty much everything reminds you of that person. Favourite foods, favourite places, everything.

So you’re constantly rehashing the past, and trying to figure what went wrong. And finally, you start to stop thinking about it so much – although not a day goes by that you don’t think of him/her. Finally, you’re feeling better. And then one of those future dates you had planned. Well, the event comes up in your calendar. And *bam* you’re right back down in the gutter again, curled up in the foetal position, crying your goddamned eyes out.

“I hate when things are over, with so much left that’s undone.”

Yah. Perhaps that’s the worst part. All the things that were planned. And not just the set in stone dates, but those tentative plans that you were continuously saying that you had to do together, like go to a certain bar, or go for a bike ride along a nice bike path, perhaps even planning a visit to an historical site. Then, when you finally do go about making plans to do those certain things – with other people, of course – you get nostalgic and teary-eyed and wish that you were doing this with that special someone who no longer thought of you as special.

“When you’re dialing six numbers just to hang up the phone
Driving cross town just to see if she’s home
That’s when she’s more than a memory.”

Sometimes it’s hard to forget, because the person was the highlight of your life. Not only were they a lover, but a best friend as well. And when you find out that your best friend doesn’t want to be your friend anymore, it hurts. Because you had confided so much to your best friend. They knew things that no one else in the world knew about you. You feel betrayed. And don’t forget, they know everything. Every embarrassing thing. And they can pass this information on to whomever they please.

Whack fall the day!

Marketing Musings

I don’t want to be rude, and I’m not trying to offend anyone, but writers, and actors, and directors… sometimes they say the things they know people want to hear. And I’m not against that. I was a marketing student before I decided to switch to human resources. I know that these people understand that no matter what they want to do, if the audience doesn’t like it, they’ll lose fanbase, and if they lose fanbase, they lose money, and if they lose money, well… they may lose their creation.

I’ve once had someone tell me that they hated marketing. Marketing was evil, plain and simple. Nothing good ever came from marketing. Her example of marketing being evil is for a song. On the regular track on the album, it has a bagpipes solo – which is awesome. I love that solo, I think it’s awesome, and it fits perfectly into the song. However, when the band decided they wanted to put the single on the radio, they changed that solo into a guitar solo. And I’ll be honest – it sucked. In fact, it sorta stole away from ‘oomph’ the song had. So instead of having a great song play on the radio, the band now had an okay song. Many people thought the song was ruined. Because marketing said “No, we can’t have a bagpipes solo. Too many people hate the bagpipes.”

So, marketing is evil? Because of a bagpipes solo? Okay, fine. Great Big Sea chose the wrong people to help market their music. I’ll admit that. But to say that marketing is good for nothing is ridiculous. The woman arguing this point to me was American. Great Big Sea, her favourite band, was Canadian. And I hate to break it to her, and to others, but this band is barely known in the States, compared to Canada. In fact, I’ve even had people from Newfoundland (the province the band originates from) become surprised when they found out I love the band. They had no idea how popular the b’ys were on the mainland. And you know what? The only reason I know about Great Big Sea is because of marketing. Yes, I said it. Marketing. Without marketing, that band never would have gotten off The Rock. They’d still be playing pubs, or maybe even theatres, in Newfoundland. Marketing includes some of the most basic things from posters to word of mouth. But without marketing so many things would not be so well known today. Without some marketing genius saying “Let’s get your album over to the mainland in Ontario,” Great Big Sea might never have made it as big as they did. And no one, including myself, would know they existed.

The same goes for the X-Files. People say things, people do things, but it doesn’t mean they agree with them. It’s with the understanding of “I need more money, so I’ll cater to the wants of the people.” Shows like this, that last as long as they do, they are not made solely as something that the creators want. They have to make compromises. They have no choice. I know this. And you know, sometimes the marketing choice is a big flop. Look at the ‘new Coca Cola’ they had made. It flopped so bad they brought the old Coke back, slapped ‘Classic’ on the bottle, and fired the bugger who had said, “Let’s make a new Coke!” I can only assume they fired him/her, I have no proof. But if I were to have an employee botch up that bad I’d make sure their ass was on the street by the end of the week. It was a poor decision on the marketers’ part, as well as whoever created the recipe, and whoever agreed that it tasted good. In fact, I bet Coca Cola was having a fit when that idea fell through. I wonder how much money they lost because of a bad idea?

Now I’m not saying that everything they’ve come out with is against what CC wants. I’m not saying that at all. I’m just saying it’s not carved in stone. He certainly won’t admit that he didn’t want something to happen. It would give an air of bitterness, and the fans would be disappointed. So really, anything that comes out (cards, magazines, books) has to be taken with a grain of salt. It has to be. Because it is all just a marketing scheme. Whether or not CC approved of the marketing scheme is another matter. For all we know, he could have approved of everything, although that’s highly unlikely. Just as his disapproving of everything is highly unlikely. I’m sure there are certain things that we, the consumers, have snatched up, that Carter looked at and said, “But why? No, I don’t like it.”

It’s not whether or not you’ll like it, it’s about whether or not you’ll like it enough to buy it. That’s not CC. CC put his name on it, yes, but CC created the show and the movies, not the merchandise.

Don’t get me wrong. I love merchandise. However, I am completely aware of the main goals of producing the stuff. It’s a win/win situation, although, truth be told, the consumer is getting robbed blind usually. This is why I usually end up buying my merch second-hand. Come to think of it, I buy most of my stuff second-hand. Clothes, merchandise, movies. Why buy it at full price when I can buy it at a fraction of that, and have fun searching as well?

That’s really all I have to say.

Just don’t think that the merchandise is something special and created because of CC, and not because of marketers out to get your every penny.

Whack fall the day!

Stereotype Musings

I hate being stereotyped.

And the thing is, before I dived into the X-Files fandom I had never really been stereotyped before. Oh sure I’ve been called, “That Megadeth Girl”, and a lot of the grungers in high school deemed me worthy to talk to them. I think that was the closest I have ever been to being stereotyped, and at that time I certainly enjoyed it. I loved metal and grunge music. It made me tick. But I never truly was a punker or a metalhead. Not quite. And so I continued to be unlabelled.

Oh, but now I’m labelled. I’m a Dipper, a DSRist, someone who believes in the Doggett/Scully Relationship. I’ve taken to calling myself the Deranged Stereotypical Rebel for a reason.

I am Delusional because many people seem to continuously tell me I’m nuts for wanting to believe in a non-existent relationship that will never, ever, ever happen, and can’t I get that through my thick scull?

I am Stereotypical because there are childish fools out there who believe that all Dippers think alike. And they don’t give my posts the light of day because they know we’re all crazy in the head, and seem to have a hate for Mulder. And if they do give my posts the light of day, it’s only to pick out the parts they don’t like, and they certainly ignore the valid points I’ve made.

And I am a Rebel because I choose to follow the beat of my own drum.

I am sick and tired of people typing out that all DSRists hate Mulder and think he is abusive.

I am sick and tired of people claiming that all DSRists hate MSR.

I am sick and tired of people accusing all DSRists of actually wanting the DSR to come to fruition.

People like this are giving me a bad name!

I’m not saying that the other DSRists are bad, or even a) deranged b) stereotypical or c) a rebel. I’m not saying that at all. I’m trying to say that I am a unique individual who perceives the DSR in a completely unique way! Granted that most of the other DSRists are going to agree with one point or another that I make, but come on! I’m sure all MSRists believe in some same points, but not all the same points!

So please, stop telling others precisely how I think. Because it’s not how I think.

I think differently than the rest, because I am my own person and not some stereotype you slap on my forehead.

Whack fall the day!

Musings on 2008

What is that one moment of 2008 that stands out? The one moment of the year that you will probably never forget. Put concerts, and movies, and entertainment aside. A moment in time with another human being. Was it all of three seconds, or three hours? Was it a moment of anger, love, bemusement, lust, excitement, hysteria?

What is that single solitary memory that you want to describe 2008 with?
I remember it clearly. Most of the lights were off, and you were about to leave. You were down on one knee, bent over, tying your boot. And then you looked up. And I think I lost all sane thought in that moment.

You fulfilled so much in that moment. You don’t know that, nor do you probably care. Hell, if I passed you in the supermarket, you probably would pretend like you didn’t see me. And that’s okay. I dealt with that months ago. But you still affected me in so many ways. I changed so much, I prepared for what was to come in my life.

And it all started with a light blue gaze in a dimly lit apartment. One of the few times I had the pleasure of actually looking down upon you. We both know you certainly didn’t leave the apartment though, now did you? You had all intentions of leaving, but why, you seemed to have found someone you could never, ever satiate, didn’t you?

It was the look, it was the clothes, and it was everything you stood for. All in one single moment near my front door. I was lost in a sea of green, and all I had to do was hold on to you for dear life. You knew exactly what got to me, and you admitted freely that you did. Nor did I deny it at all. You knew how I ticked, and you used it to best suit you.

But in that one moment you didn’t know how I ticked. In that moment you learned precisely how I worked. You suddenly knew that I would be weak in the knees so long as I had a moment like that. And so you tried to give me a few more moments like that.

I don’t think I was ever happier in my life than I was during those few blissful spring and summer nights. I became more fully aware of myself, as I lost sleep on weekends because I was too busy just being in your company.

But it was that one moment, in June. I got lost in your eyes, and realized I enjoyed being lost. So why must I know where I am now? What I’d give to be floating in space once more.
Bring it on, 2009!

Grammar Musings

I have been reading novels since a very young age. I completed reading my first Stephen King novel in grade six at the ripe old age of what? Twelve? My mother has always encouraged reading and writing in her home, and I suppose that is one of the few things I can happily remember about my home life.

And so, with a lot of reading comes a strong grasp of the English language. I’m proud to say that I received 100% my first year in college in English, and around 90% the next year. This was business English so that meant a strong grasp on grammar. Yes, punctuation is a very serious thing to me.

I cringe when I see 1337 (leet) and yet I’m fluent in the language. Why? Because it’s really just butchered shorthand. Yes, I understand shorthand. No, I’ve never taken a course on it. And while I can understand shorthand, and realize some of the benefits (shortening words like you to u and though to tho), I’m greatly against it. Why? Because, to me, the written word is special. It’s not something that should be taken for granted, and thrown to the side because there are more important and/or fun things to do.

Writing, for me, is a gift. I have a very strong grasp on grammar, punctuation, proper spelling, and description. It is what I was born to do. To express an idea through the written word. I love to write. Fan-fiction, novels, reports on the most random subjects. I can not express how much I love to write! And writing these Musings Threads is great fun! I enjoy being able to show off my talent, and my ideas and thoughts, and have other people read them and respond.

I have a love of repetition, mainly threes. I love, love, love to write about Doggett! Like such. I have absolutely no problem with fragmented sentences (I do read Stephen King, after all), but only if they make sense.

To punctuate a sentence improperly is to make my eyes bleed. I cry when I see the improper use of a period, or exclamation mark. Actually, no. The improper use of an exclamation mark pisses me off to no end. Because it makes the writer seem like they are ‘exclaiming’ or close to shouting their responses. I once ran a Role Playing Message Board called Dizzy Seagulls (there was more to the board than that) and another called Hell’s Gate (about a post-apocalyptic world), and there was this one member who used the exclamation point as if it were the only punctuation she knew.

Let me show you an example:
For instance! if she were to write about her favorite character! Sephiroth! she
would not use a comma or period!

Oh. My. God.
Shut up.

It hurt to read her posts. I’m not kidding! Especially since I’m prone to reading all text like it is a novel. And yes, I can get really into novels. And it made it even harder to have in depth stories. Let’s not even discuss the hours I spent fixing the grammar and spelling mistakes in her posts when I decided to save part of the Hell’s Gate story.

So, you know what? While I’m an open-minded individual, and can understand most any point of view, there is one view that I can not understand. The view of the shoddy-wordsmith. You know who I mean. The one who spells most words right, but just can’t seem to give a damn if s/he gets it right or not.

I don’t understand how certain people just can’t use the written English language properly – unless English is not your first language, because in that case I understand wholeheartedly how hard it is to learn a new language! It’s those people who claim English to be their mother tongue, and yet kill the language the moment they put pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard.

It’s a hard thing to put up with. I am friends with a lot of high school students as I used to be a band officer for a cadet squadron, and a lot of those kids use 1337, and can’t write worth a damn. And I have certain friends who can’t spell, but still like to use the internet to talk to me. It hurts my eyes worse than a badly out-of-tune lead-trumpet player (and trust me, I’ve heard quite a few of those) hurts my ears.

I guess I just don’t understand how people have a hard time with the written word. I see words when I say them or think them. Which makes spelling certain words backwards a cinch. So yes, if you play Cranium with me, you know I’ll be able to answer all the spelling questions!

I guess what I’m trying to get at is that I’m grateful that most everyone on this message board, and every other message board I frequent (and there’s quite a few of them) have a strong grasp on that thing I love the most (well aside from redheaded men in kilts and uniforms – THAT is my top favourite thing in the whole world).

Thank you.

Mulder Musings

People seem to assume that because I, and others like me, prefer the Doggett/Scully Relationship match-up, that I (or we) don’t like, or even hate, Fox Mulder. And I then get accused of not being a true X-Phile, because without Mulder there would be no X-Files.

I agree.

Without Mulder there would be no X-Files.

Mulder is largely responsible for my love of the television show!

His dry sense of humour, and dashing good looks can make most anyone swoon.

I love the way he thinks. And to be quite honest I preferred him as a single man who obviously had issues with keeping a relationship. Why? Well, this is a good question. And it requires a long and boring but perhaps entertaining explanation that may even bring you back to an even older television show.

Constant Reader: Kogo? Another television show? You watch more TV than just the X-Files?

Kogo: Yes, I do. I’m ashamed to admit it, but I watch all sorts of stuff that the American channel SciFi plays in their daytime rotation marathons!

Constant Reader: What do you mean by American channel?

Kogo: Well, I mean to say that the Canadian SciFi channel, Space, sucks. And I miss being able to watch SciFi, like in the days of old, before everything went digital.

Constant Reader: There was a time before digital?

Kogo: Yes, let me take you back to the days of lore…

Star Trek.

Not just Star Trek… the Original Series, also known from here on in as TOS. I’m not a big fan of Star Trek, but I can definitely hold my own when discussing the subject. Especially on the topic of Spock.

Spock. The opposite of Kirk, really. And did you know that many women were attracted more to the character of Spock than that of Kirk? There’s a very simple reason for this: Spock was unattainable. He was impervious to any advances made by the opposite sex, and this is a big turn on for women. Because they fantasize that they will be that one woman who could break through the man’s defenses.

Leonard Nimoy spent a good amount of time describing the fact that he received much fan mail from the women, and the fact that William Shatner had been jealous of this fact.

I loved Spock.

He was awesome.

So. Fucking. Logical.

Yes, wouldn’t you want to be the one to get past all of his defenses, make him feel raw emotion and desire?

Oh, wouldn’t that be good for the ego?

It’s not much different, when I was obsessing over Fox Mulder. I thought he was gorgeous, and I loved the fact that he always seemed to be single, even though there was some evidence that he had a few dates here and there. He was unattainable, but yet not totally out of reach, like Spock. And yet, he was the total opposite of Spock. He believed in the paranormal, in the existence of extraterrestrials, in things that the average public would dismiss as myth and bullshit. And he had this obsession with porn. But that was okay. Because I wanted Mulder all to myself.

So is it such a surprise that at first I positively hated Scully? Because she was a threat to Mulder’s singleness. I wanted Mulder single, so I could fantasize about myself and that drop dead gorgeous FBI agent!

Eventually I started to squee at any signs of UST between the two, but that is neither here nor there. This small rant is about my love of Mulder.

I love that he eats sunflower seeds. I have this addiction to them myself. My apartment has bags of sunflower seeds scattered everywhere. I have every type imaginable, from unshelled, to honey roasted. That thing with the pencils? It was such an odd quirk, but I thought it was great! If I were able to do that at my place, you know I would!

I named my newest car Fox, when I bought it. I even had a stuffed fox in the backseat. Mind you, when the car started to fall apart, part after part, I renamed it Wheezy, and bought a giant microbe cough, and threw that in the backseat, and promptly got rid of the fox. Why? Because the car was not worthy of the name Fox. My Cirrus has been fixed now, and no longer makes the wheezing sound, and we appear to be on good terms, so I’ve deemed to call the car Fox again, and even got some “Foxy” decals for it. I’m currently trying to find a new stuffed fox for the backseat once more.

Fox Mulder will always remain my first love on the X-Files, and while I am more inclined to watch an episode with John Doggett in it, I can still name off a few favourite moments with Mulder.

My favourite moment was when his dry sarcastic humour was showing the best.

You know the moment. Our favourite midget trailer motel owner was underneath Scully’s trailer, and Mulder caught him. When the man tried to tell Mulder that many women found his height “alluring”, Mulder replied with, “And I’m sure a lot of men do as well” or something along those lines.

If I had been drinking milk, you just know it would have come out my nose at that moment! I gasped, I laughed, and damn near cried. It was the perfect XF moment for me.

My favourite episode has got to be Vienen. Why? Because I get to see my two favourite FBI agents working together!! It’s true! Both men are sexy, in my opinion, and it was heaven watching them walk around that oil rig.


Those damn JEANS.


Where was I?

Oh yes.

I love Mulder.

And if I had the option of getting with either Mulder or Doggett, I think I might choose Mulder first. Because of everything he stood for.

But if you were to give me the option of getting with David Duchovny or Robert Patrick, Patrick wins hands down. Sorry folks, but his ice blue eyes, and the fact that he rides a bike… makes him that much better than Duchovny. Duchovny is gorgeous, without a doubt. But Patrick… oh god. His eyes. They make me weak.

And that’s about all I have for now!

Whack fall the day!

Why I DO Ship DSR

Maybe I should clarify what I am just a bit more.

I 100% love Mulder. I think he’s amazing. He encompasses so many things I look for in friends (especially being freaky weird). I never once thought of Doggett as better than Mulder. And I know there are a few people out there that do.

No, I think Doggett is an equally great character.

I love them both. The same.

Yes, the same.

I know you don’t believe me. But that’s okay!

I fell in love with Mulder almost the same time I fell in love with the X-Files. I’m a strong believer in the paranormal. Before I called the X-Files my favourite show, I was calling Ghost Hunters my favourite show, with Sliders falling in close behind. I believe in so many things that are labeled “paranormal” and “sci-fi”. Sometimes I even believe that whales are sentient beings (so shut up about Reyes and her whale song, please).

So to love Mulder sort of goes hand in hand with my beliefs, right? It doesn’t hurt that David Duchovny is a gorgeous specimen of the male gender.

So it’s here that I wish to explain to all of my fellow philes that I am not in love with Doggett and hate Mulder. I love them both.

Yes, I think Doggett is a perfect match for Scully. No, I do not believe Mulder is. I feel that while there is most obviously strong chemistry (physically and emotionally) between Mulder and Scully, a relationship between the two would be most unhealthy. I’m not saying the relationship never happened. It obviously did. What I’m saying is that I feel the two characters are much too different personality-wise for the two to ever have a normal and healthy relationship, which is something Scully wishes to have, as she has said so herself.

Mulder will never be able to give her precisely what she is looking for.

Now, I’m the first to admit that if I love a person, I’m willing to accept the things I can not have in a relationship. And I’m sure Scully has decided to forfeit her dreams because her love of Mulder is so strong. But what’s so wrong with Scully pondering what it would be like to be in a steady relationship with Doggett? Is it so wrong for people to think outside the box and wonder about the ‘what-ifs’?

Some people find that it is wrong to think outside the box. And they continuously rehash the fact that Mulder and Scully rowed off into the sunset together at the end of IW2B. Fine, they did. In extremely shoddy CGI, they rowed off to some unknown future. I saw it, I felt myself throw up a bit in the back of my throat, and then I left the theatre. Yes, Scully is with Mulder, no matter what. No, she will never get with Doggett. No, I will not stop thinking about what if they did.

Yes, I want Doggett in the third movie, if it ever comes about. I think Doggett could offer so much to the movie, and I really would love to see him end up being the director. Because everyone continuously said he would. So in my dream world, Doggett would be in charge!! I in no way want Doggett to be in the third movie just so he can hook up with Scully. I’m smarter than that, and I’m pretty sure most Delusional Stereotypical Rebels agree with me on this one. We know the two will never get together. So stop telling us that it will never happen. We already know! We’re not as stupid as some people make us out to be.

I think the reason I love the Doggett/Scully Relationship match so much is because it gives me the opportunity to be the writer, so that I can match them up as I see fit. Not because I wish it to happen in the television show. If anything, I don’t want to see it happen. Ever. The moment the relationship is canon, I’m bored. Which is why I’m still being stringed along while watching Bones. Because Booth and Brennan have yet to get together! And omg, please don’t let them together! I enjoy the awkward situations where I squee and *wish* they would just KISS GODDAMNIT. I enjoy that feeling.

See, that’s the thing guys. The moment the girl gets the guy, the Harlequin Romance is over. Perhaps there’s another fifty pages to tie up loose ends, or perhaps something happens where they’re torn apart so that you’ll come back for a second novel. But the moment the heroine is in that hero’s arms, the story is over. Because that’s the only reason we’re reading those books (well, aside for those raunchy sex scenes).

You show me a person who reads those books for the plot, and I’ll show you a person who is lying to themselves.

And well, that’s all I’ve got for today, guys. Perhaps more musings tomorrow!!

Whack fall the day!

Why I Hate to Ship

Hello, and welcome to my ramblings.

I’m used to being in a minority. Most of the world doesn’t take into account that there are indeed left-handed people in existence. And so, most products don’t come in a handy left-handed format. Ladles for soup are just one example. You have to search high and low to find left-handed scissors. And notebooks? You can’t produce a left-handed notebook, so we’re screwed if we ever want to write on the right side of the page!

When I was in only kindergarten, the teacher tried forcing me to write with my right hand. Needless to say, my mother pulled me from that class in a heartbeat. In days of old, left-handed women were considered witches. Teachers would smack a student on the hand with a ruler for writing with their left hand. Being left-handed was frowned upon.

So should I really be surprised that harassment is part of the deal when you’re a Dipper? I suppose not. But I thought that in this day and age we could all act like adults. Apparently I was wrong.

I have been told I live in a fantasy world. I have been stereotyped. I have been told that I should just accept facts.

But I can’t accept facts.


Because this is just fiction, folks. Fiction. And because it is fiction, I can bend it to my own wishes whenever I want, without having to worry about people arguing that something never happened. I’ve always had problems writing stories that included the names of actual people, because it was fiction with a bit of non-fiction in it. But I have absolutely no qualms with altering fiction to better satisfy myself, if only in fan-fiction stories. I know it’s not how a show or book ended, but it’s the ending I would have chosen for myself.

And yet, even though it’s fiction, I still get attacked. Why? Because I dared to think outside the box. I dared to use my own imagination! And I dared to prefer Unrequited Sexual Tension (UST) to a happy couple. Yes, yes I dared.

And you know what?

I think I’ve figured it out!

I am being attacked because the people who attack me don’t understand my love of Doggett, and my love of UST. They don’t understand, and so are frightened by something that is different from the norm. But will they stop and try to understand?


Because that would mean that they would have to go into uncharted territory. That would mean that they too would have to think outside the box. And that’s so obviously scary.

I often wonder why I love trying new and strange things. Why I prefer to do things in a unique way. I hate dressing like everyone else, and I hate owning normal things. I like to be weird. And so becoming a Dipper was just another step toward being that unique individual that I crave to be.

Don’t get me wrong. I love Mulder. That man is gorgeous. And I loved the UST between Mulder and Scully for six seasons. But then it came to pass that it was more than UST. That there was actually a relationship between the two characters. And the part that really got my goat? They did it all behind our backs! I became bored with the characters of Mulder and Scully. They were supposed to stare at each other longingly but not make a move! They weren’t supposed to get it on and have a baby. Just… no!

I lost my love for Mulder and Scully. And then along came Doggett.

My love for Doggett was grown. I started off hating him, but when I started to see the looks he gave Scully, and the fact that he was stubborn and intent on finding Mulder… I began to love him. And I’ll be honest, I think the man is drop-dead gorgeous with those arctic blue eyes.
I can’t help myself.

And yet, I’m attacked because I think the man is gorgeous, and that the character would be a healthy contrast to Scully’s persona.

I get arguments as to why Mulder was a healthy contrast, but that’s all the arguments are. The only time I’ve heard someone try to explain why Doggett wasn’t a good contrast was when someone called him a stalker, which he clearly was not. The arguments AGAINST John Doggett are so flimsy it isn’t funny. It’s a mix of “Mulder, Mulder, Mulder, Trash-Doggett, Mulder”. It’s sad.

And so I choose not to come into the DSR section of message boards, because I know someone is going to attack my favourite character. And why? Because they’re frightened. Are they frightened that maybe we Deranged Stereotypical Rebels might have a point? Perhaps.
Or perhaps this is just a case of the majority bashing the minority. As humanity is wont to do.

Whack fall the day!