Monday, January 5, 2009

Paranormal Musings

“Let’s just say I want to believe.”

I want to dwell on a subject that has plagued modern civilization for decades now. The Paranormal.

Is it so surprising that someone who is so obsessed with a show like the X-Files wishes to discuss this topic? Probably not.

Ghosts. Psychics. Aliens.

With technology progressing faster than the blink of an eye, is it so amazing that people are beginning to document paranormal events with useful equipment? And yet, while technological advances make it easier to document such things, it also has shown how easily we can fake such evidence. It makes everything people have discovered redundant. We’re back where we started off – seeing is believing. The best proof is hands on proof. Correct?

Isn’t that such a shame? That we can prove something exists to the point of actual physical proof, visual and audio, only to be had by our own brilliant inventions? Does it not make you want to cry when you have right in front of you a video of a ghost forming and disappearing, only to find out we have the technology to fake such a thing?

Even by talking about it, people still won’t believe. You’d have to see the video for yourself.

No? Not enough? You’d rather be in the room to witness it yourself? Because even if you will agree that this is raw footage, you could still claim that it was someone running up and then fleeing, even if everyone present in the penitentiary were accounted for. You still wouldn’t believe. Not even if they couldn’t debunk this by giving an idiot a black blanket, and asking him to run back and forth in front of the camera.

Why is it we only learn to believe when we are accosted by the things we dare not believe in?

I’m certainly not one to talk. When it comes to ghosts I believe. I really do, even though I’ve never honestly seen one (although there have been a few instances where I think I might have seen one). But when it comes to things like psychics I’m a denying pessimist. No way, no how. No such thing has psychics. I won’t have it. It’s just a bunch of hogwash, and anyone who believes in them is crazy.

Or are they?

I began to have doubts about my strong belief that psychics were fake, when I viewed a thermal recording made by the Ghost Hunters. The thermal imaging is located at roughly 1:48 in to the video. This is a collection of the ten best moments in Ghost Hunters history (and I thoroughly agree with whoever chose them).

I know, I know. It’s just a bunch of fancy lights and hoo-haw. But to those of us who understand thermal imaging, it means a heck of a lot more than fancy lights and pretty things. Those bright colours signify heat, and in this instance we can not explain what is going on. Some may speculate that what Grant caught on thermal is psychic energy.

But I was still a nonbeliever. Oh sure, I admitted that there was a possibility that some people were indeed psychic, but I still believed that 99% of psychics were frauds. And then I went to one.

My friend had been oohing and ahhing over this woman she had gone to. Apparently the lady had done her life reading and her yearly reading, and had gotten things dead-on. And now my friend was clamouring for others to come visit the psychic to get their readings done, and she would accompany her friends.

So we made an appointment, and planned a day of fun around my lifetime reading. My friend came over during the day, and we headed downstairs to the ‘toy-room’ which now houses mainly books, records, and extra pieces of furniture. Come to think of it, now that I’ve moved out, that room is pretty darn empty save for a tv stand and my record player (as well as a broken electric organ). We were sitting around down there, and looking through all of my books. I have a huge collection of books, and the biggest part of the collection is my Stephen King books. I own all of his novels, and quite a few other books as well. So I lectured her on my favourite author. Haha. I’m sure she got bored, but she sure as hell was paying some attention.

How do I know she was paying attention? Because she freaked out when the psychic told me my lifetime reading. A lifetime reading consists of the basics. She tells you about your past, present, and future, but keeps it broad enough to make it last a lifetime. A yearly reading deals with the coming year, and only the coming year and goes into much more detail. This psychic focuses on many things, including relationships and sex, careers, health, travelling, and whatnot. The only thing she doesn’t talk about is death. So even if she sees one of your relatives is going to die in the near future she won’t come right out and tell you. Instead she’ll say they may get sick or get in a serious accident, and just leave it at that.

And as I write this, I stopped short as I realized she told me something and it happened – and I had totally forgotten she had told me about it! Okay, that’s a bit creepy.

Well, during my lifetime she said a few things that impressed me. She detailed my past very efficiently, right down to the fact that I generally liked to dress in guy’s clothing (however, this day I was wearing a nice tanktop and very much female flared jeans). She also told me that I would start dressing much more effeminate (uh, that’s what I was trying to do!), and that I would start to experiment with my hair (I’ve been doing that for quite a few years now, though). She then asked me if I had any friends who gave me a hard time and called me things such as ‘butch’. I promptly said no. She then told me to watch out in the very near future as someone would start spreading rumours about this. I dismissed this as hogwash.

She then told me that within five years I would find the guy for me, I would find a job I liked (that paid extremely well), but that during my entire lifetime I would be living out of a suitcase – in that I would always be on the go. She also said I would have a great sex life (this pissed my friend off to no end, as the psychic never told her such a thing), and every time I go see her she is adamant about this one fact. It helps that my sex life since then has been positively amazing.

And this is where things got creepy. She asked me what I wanted to do for a living, and I told her the truth. I don’t really know what I want to do (well, I do, but I find it is a pipe dream) but that I wanted a steady job with a nice income. She said I would find it, but that by my late 30s I would be a published author. How did this crazy lady know I loved to read and write? But that’s not all. She scared the hell out of my friend with the following: “You’re going to write a lot of stories once you get published. You’ll be writing all sorts of stuff, but a lot of it is going to be like Stephen King.” My friend literally screeched in excitement and awe, and the psychic continued, “But you’ll also write other stuff, like children’s books.”

Okay, so we also had a little chuckle. Me? Children’s books? Boy, those kids are going to be scarred for life.

She said a few more things, and we all left happy, although minus 25 dollars.

So she read me like a book. That didn’t make her psychic.

And I thought that until two weeks later when a coworker jokingly started spreading a rumour that I was a lesbian. Now my friend worked in the same place I did, and when she heard the rumour she came to me and said the words I was thinking, “She was right! She so totally saw this!”

Okay, I admit it. I believed the woman was psychic.

I went back for my yearly.

And I went back this August. Her reading from this August has been so exact that it’s creeping me out at this point. Obviously not everything she foresees is going to happen. But so far, a lot of it has. She foresaw that a man would leave me for another woman (and lo and behold my last boyfriend technically kind of did), she told me I would be going to a few weddings (I scoffed at this because I didn’t know anyone getting married – and then the aforementioned man who left me invited me to a wedding) She told me that I love my job, and enjoy being at work, but that I would start spending way too much time at work. Which I am. Bus strike means I have to hitch a ride with a fellow coworker. Said coworker works from seven until five, whereas I work from eight until four. Therefore I’m working two extra hours a day. And it’s making me go nuts.

There were other things she foresaw, but quite honestly I can’t remember it all, and the list of what she told me is on another computer.

I still stand by what I’ve said before. Most psychics are frauds. They use very open-ended answers, and leave you to believe it in order for it to come true. And I agree that a lot of what the psychic said falls under that category. If someone tells you this is going to happen in your life, and you believe it, you will start to do things in order for it to happen. It certainly doesn’t make the person psychic. But when a psychic tells you that a man is going to leave you for another woman (or because of), and your boyfriend leaves you because of his ex-girlfriend, it freaks the hell out of you.

What she said about my becoming published has only caused me to start writing once more.

One more item on my agenda.


I ask you this: What gives humanity the right to assume that they are the only sentient (not to mention living) beings in the entire universe.

Science has proven that the universe is larger than belief. How can someone sit there and claim that Earth is the only planet amongst billions of planets that could have formed life? Throwing around religious texts isn’t going to debunk anything. If anything it causes the people of today to scorn those who believe wholeheartedly that God created the Earth, and then put fancy-lookin’ stars in the sky so that we could have something to look at.

Science, nay human technology, has proven that our universe is vast, and that each star is a sun burning millions of light-years away. And with each sun comes the possibility of planets. And with each planet comes the possibility of life. And I don’t mean snails, and moss. I mean the possibility of creatures like us, of creatures like the whales, of creatures like the elephants. Shall I continue on listing the intelligent creatures that live on this planet?

Next time the people who laugh at the idea of aliens go outside at night, I ask them to do this: Look up. Begin to count the stars you see (pray that you’re looking at a sky rid of clouds, and light pollution). Each star can be considered a chance that there is other life than ours. Possibly even more than one chance! Who is to say that that sun has just one planet circling it with just the right amount of distance, atmosphere, gravitational pull, etc, to support living creatures?

Do people not see how small we truly are? That we aren’t as special as our egos want us to believe? I understand it’s your religion and you have every right to believe in it the way you wish. But sometimes I am saddened to see that humanity, as a whole, thinks that they are invincible and the top dog (aside from God). And I am saddened to see people believe that an almighty god who we can’t touch, see, or hear created the universe in just seven days, and that he created it for US. Because, to me, that is so close-minded. People ignore the facts so that their religion makes sense.

And I can understand why aliens have not made true contact with us. Why must we assume that the aliens would be much more technologically advanced? Could they not be at the same stage, or a stage lower than us? It is either we are alone or the aliens have to be superior. I’m so confused!

And yes, I do believe we’ve done a few cover-ups. No doubt about it. So I guess that means I do believe in a superior race of aliens. Some even suggest that the people who resided in Atlantis were descended from aliens.

I don’t know.

I just know they’re out there.

Whack fall the day!

PS – The psychic had the audacity to tell me that I was weird. And then she told me to never change.

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