Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Doggett Musings

Let’s talk about Doggett, shall we?

What can we say about him?


Loyal. Stubborn. Hands on. Serious. Workaholic. Obsessed. Dependable. Strong. Protective. Family-oriented. Humble. Honourable.

With those traits alone, one wonders why so many people hated the man.

But I understand. It’s that fear of change. And instead of putting all the blame on Duchovny, they decided to lay the blame on Robert Patrick for trying to ‘replace Mulder’. But, you see, he never did that.

Sure, during the first few episodes of Season 8, I was prepared for a man who would take over Mulder’s spot on the show, but Agent John Doggett never did such a thing. Meanwhile, he may have replaced Mulder in my heart, but only because when Mulder ‘came back’ he just wasn’t the same quirky, sarcastic man that I had grown to love. And let’s face it: I had fallen head over heels for Doggett while Mulder was MIA.

Why did Kogo fall for John Doggett?

Gosh, where do I begin?

During January and February I met the perfect person for me. Let’s call him RC. RC is amazing. He’s never afraid to try new things, and hates being bogged down by our hometown. His personality is much like my own – craving to try new things, always trying to learn the most random facts, just being unique. He’s an amazing guy.

Without RC in my life, I fear I would have fallen into a deep depression this past month. But thankfully in my hour of need the bugger finally made it back to Canada, rang me up, and I realized he truly was out of sight, out of mind.

RC has stated he could never date me, because in the right light I look like my brother. Although to be quite honest I saw some wistful looks coming my way in the past week or two. But whatever.

When he came out and said that last winter, I was definitely crestfallen, and needed something to fall back on. And well, I always found that RC reminded me of Robert Patrick if he were his age. Or, maybe I should say that I just know RC is going to grow into the same kind of physique as what Patrick has now. So I hit the X-Files and began to be attracted to Robert Patrick. Soon, I was falling in love with the character as well. Because, as I listed above, John Doggett has many wonderful traits.

John Doggett became the perfect man. His clear blue eyes, his accent, his hair (oh what I’d give to run my hands through that hair), his past, his present, his future. That man was everything I wanted.

Jesus, I’m lying, and if Luvy were here to read this he’d say so too. And then claim I really think Max is the perfect man.

*shakes head*

Let me reiterate. John Doggett was the perfect man personality-wise for me.

His past had a big effect on my personal life. Seriously. When I watched John Doe I nearly cried as he began realizing things about himself. “I was a Marine.”

“I had a son.”

When Doggett finally realized his son was dead, he had to go through that torture as if it were brand new.

Let’s just say Robert Patrick should be commended for his amazing acting during this show.

Doggett was never a stalker. He not once went past the boundaries of being a caring friend. He was concerned for Scully’s wellbeing throughout the entire eighth season, as well as in the ninth season. He was only looking out for her wellbeing.

My God.

What I’d give for a man to care about me that much. Nay, what I’d give for anyone to care about me that much.

Doggett was a protector, and boy did my heart need protecting.

So please, no more hating on Doggett.

Whack fall the day!

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