Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Why I Hate to Ship

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I’m used to being in a minority. Most of the world doesn’t take into account that there are indeed left-handed people in existence. And so, most products don’t come in a handy left-handed format. Ladles for soup are just one example. You have to search high and low to find left-handed scissors. And notebooks? You can’t produce a left-handed notebook, so we’re screwed if we ever want to write on the right side of the page!

When I was in only kindergarten, the teacher tried forcing me to write with my right hand. Needless to say, my mother pulled me from that class in a heartbeat. In days of old, left-handed women were considered witches. Teachers would smack a student on the hand with a ruler for writing with their left hand. Being left-handed was frowned upon.

So should I really be surprised that harassment is part of the deal when you’re a Dipper? I suppose not. But I thought that in this day and age we could all act like adults. Apparently I was wrong.

I have been told I live in a fantasy world. I have been stereotyped. I have been told that I should just accept facts.

But I can’t accept facts.


Because this is just fiction, folks. Fiction. And because it is fiction, I can bend it to my own wishes whenever I want, without having to worry about people arguing that something never happened. I’ve always had problems writing stories that included the names of actual people, because it was fiction with a bit of non-fiction in it. But I have absolutely no qualms with altering fiction to better satisfy myself, if only in fan-fiction stories. I know it’s not how a show or book ended, but it’s the ending I would have chosen for myself.

And yet, even though it’s fiction, I still get attacked. Why? Because I dared to think outside the box. I dared to use my own imagination! And I dared to prefer Unrequited Sexual Tension (UST) to a happy couple. Yes, yes I dared.

And you know what?

I think I’ve figured it out!

I am being attacked because the people who attack me don’t understand my love of Doggett, and my love of UST. They don’t understand, and so are frightened by something that is different from the norm. But will they stop and try to understand?


Because that would mean that they would have to go into uncharted territory. That would mean that they too would have to think outside the box. And that’s so obviously scary.

I often wonder why I love trying new and strange things. Why I prefer to do things in a unique way. I hate dressing like everyone else, and I hate owning normal things. I like to be weird. And so becoming a Dipper was just another step toward being that unique individual that I crave to be.

Don’t get me wrong. I love Mulder. That man is gorgeous. And I loved the UST between Mulder and Scully for six seasons. But then it came to pass that it was more than UST. That there was actually a relationship between the two characters. And the part that really got my goat? They did it all behind our backs! I became bored with the characters of Mulder and Scully. They were supposed to stare at each other longingly but not make a move! They weren’t supposed to get it on and have a baby. Just… no!

I lost my love for Mulder and Scully. And then along came Doggett.

My love for Doggett was grown. I started off hating him, but when I started to see the looks he gave Scully, and the fact that he was stubborn and intent on finding Mulder… I began to love him. And I’ll be honest, I think the man is drop-dead gorgeous with those arctic blue eyes.
I can’t help myself.

And yet, I’m attacked because I think the man is gorgeous, and that the character would be a healthy contrast to Scully’s persona.

I get arguments as to why Mulder was a healthy contrast, but that’s all the arguments are. The only time I’ve heard someone try to explain why Doggett wasn’t a good contrast was when someone called him a stalker, which he clearly was not. The arguments AGAINST John Doggett are so flimsy it isn’t funny. It’s a mix of “Mulder, Mulder, Mulder, Trash-Doggett, Mulder”. It’s sad.

And so I choose not to come into the DSR section of message boards, because I know someone is going to attack my favourite character. And why? Because they’re frightened. Are they frightened that maybe we Deranged Stereotypical Rebels might have a point? Perhaps.
Or perhaps this is just a case of the majority bashing the minority. As humanity is wont to do.

Whack fall the day!

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