Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Musings on 2008

What is that one moment of 2008 that stands out? The one moment of the year that you will probably never forget. Put concerts, and movies, and entertainment aside. A moment in time with another human being. Was it all of three seconds, or three hours? Was it a moment of anger, love, bemusement, lust, excitement, hysteria?

What is that single solitary memory that you want to describe 2008 with?
I remember it clearly. Most of the lights were off, and you were about to leave. You were down on one knee, bent over, tying your boot. And then you looked up. And I think I lost all sane thought in that moment.

You fulfilled so much in that moment. You don’t know that, nor do you probably care. Hell, if I passed you in the supermarket, you probably would pretend like you didn’t see me. And that’s okay. I dealt with that months ago. But you still affected me in so many ways. I changed so much, I prepared for what was to come in my life.

And it all started with a light blue gaze in a dimly lit apartment. One of the few times I had the pleasure of actually looking down upon you. We both know you certainly didn’t leave the apartment though, now did you? You had all intentions of leaving, but why, you seemed to have found someone you could never, ever satiate, didn’t you?

It was the look, it was the clothes, and it was everything you stood for. All in one single moment near my front door. I was lost in a sea of green, and all I had to do was hold on to you for dear life. You knew exactly what got to me, and you admitted freely that you did. Nor did I deny it at all. You knew how I ticked, and you used it to best suit you.

But in that one moment you didn’t know how I ticked. In that moment you learned precisely how I worked. You suddenly knew that I would be weak in the knees so long as I had a moment like that. And so you tried to give me a few more moments like that.

I don’t think I was ever happier in my life than I was during those few blissful spring and summer nights. I became more fully aware of myself, as I lost sleep on weekends because I was too busy just being in your company.

But it was that one moment, in June. I got lost in your eyes, and realized I enjoyed being lost. So why must I know where I am now? What I’d give to be floating in space once more.
Bring it on, 2009!

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