Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Mulder Musings

People seem to assume that because I, and others like me, prefer the Doggett/Scully Relationship match-up, that I (or we) don’t like, or even hate, Fox Mulder. And I then get accused of not being a true X-Phile, because without Mulder there would be no X-Files.

I agree.

Without Mulder there would be no X-Files.

Mulder is largely responsible for my love of the television show!

His dry sense of humour, and dashing good looks can make most anyone swoon.

I love the way he thinks. And to be quite honest I preferred him as a single man who obviously had issues with keeping a relationship. Why? Well, this is a good question. And it requires a long and boring but perhaps entertaining explanation that may even bring you back to an even older television show.

Constant Reader: Kogo? Another television show? You watch more TV than just the X-Files?

Kogo: Yes, I do. I’m ashamed to admit it, but I watch all sorts of stuff that the American channel SciFi plays in their daytime rotation marathons!

Constant Reader: What do you mean by American channel?

Kogo: Well, I mean to say that the Canadian SciFi channel, Space, sucks. And I miss being able to watch SciFi, like in the days of old, before everything went digital.

Constant Reader: There was a time before digital?

Kogo: Yes, let me take you back to the days of lore…

Star Trek.

Not just Star Trek… the Original Series, also known from here on in as TOS. I’m not a big fan of Star Trek, but I can definitely hold my own when discussing the subject. Especially on the topic of Spock.

Spock. The opposite of Kirk, really. And did you know that many women were attracted more to the character of Spock than that of Kirk? There’s a very simple reason for this: Spock was unattainable. He was impervious to any advances made by the opposite sex, and this is a big turn on for women. Because they fantasize that they will be that one woman who could break through the man’s defenses.

Leonard Nimoy spent a good amount of time describing the fact that he received much fan mail from the women, and the fact that William Shatner had been jealous of this fact.

I loved Spock.

He was awesome.

So. Fucking. Logical.

Yes, wouldn’t you want to be the one to get past all of his defenses, make him feel raw emotion and desire?

Oh, wouldn’t that be good for the ego?

It’s not much different, when I was obsessing over Fox Mulder. I thought he was gorgeous, and I loved the fact that he always seemed to be single, even though there was some evidence that he had a few dates here and there. He was unattainable, but yet not totally out of reach, like Spock. And yet, he was the total opposite of Spock. He believed in the paranormal, in the existence of extraterrestrials, in things that the average public would dismiss as myth and bullshit. And he had this obsession with porn. But that was okay. Because I wanted Mulder all to myself.

So is it such a surprise that at first I positively hated Scully? Because she was a threat to Mulder’s singleness. I wanted Mulder single, so I could fantasize about myself and that drop dead gorgeous FBI agent!

Eventually I started to squee at any signs of UST between the two, but that is neither here nor there. This small rant is about my love of Mulder.

I love that he eats sunflower seeds. I have this addiction to them myself. My apartment has bags of sunflower seeds scattered everywhere. I have every type imaginable, from unshelled, to honey roasted. That thing with the pencils? It was such an odd quirk, but I thought it was great! If I were able to do that at my place, you know I would!

I named my newest car Fox, when I bought it. I even had a stuffed fox in the backseat. Mind you, when the car started to fall apart, part after part, I renamed it Wheezy, and bought a giant microbe cough, and threw that in the backseat, and promptly got rid of the fox. Why? Because the car was not worthy of the name Fox. My Cirrus has been fixed now, and no longer makes the wheezing sound, and we appear to be on good terms, so I’ve deemed to call the car Fox again, and even got some “Foxy” decals for it. I’m currently trying to find a new stuffed fox for the backseat once more.

Fox Mulder will always remain my first love on the X-Files, and while I am more inclined to watch an episode with John Doggett in it, I can still name off a few favourite moments with Mulder.

My favourite moment was when his dry sarcastic humour was showing the best.

You know the moment. Our favourite midget trailer motel owner was underneath Scully’s trailer, and Mulder caught him. When the man tried to tell Mulder that many women found his height “alluring”, Mulder replied with, “And I’m sure a lot of men do as well” or something along those lines.

If I had been drinking milk, you just know it would have come out my nose at that moment! I gasped, I laughed, and damn near cried. It was the perfect XF moment for me.

My favourite episode has got to be Vienen. Why? Because I get to see my two favourite FBI agents working together!! It’s true! Both men are sexy, in my opinion, and it was heaven watching them walk around that oil rig.


Those damn JEANS.


Where was I?

Oh yes.

I love Mulder.

And if I had the option of getting with either Mulder or Doggett, I think I might choose Mulder first. Because of everything he stood for.

But if you were to give me the option of getting with David Duchovny or Robert Patrick, Patrick wins hands down. Sorry folks, but his ice blue eyes, and the fact that he rides a bike… makes him that much better than Duchovny. Duchovny is gorgeous, without a doubt. But Patrick… oh god. His eyes. They make me weak.

And that’s about all I have for now!

Whack fall the day!

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