Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Stereotype Musings

I hate being stereotyped.

And the thing is, before I dived into the X-Files fandom I had never really been stereotyped before. Oh sure I’ve been called, “That Megadeth Girl”, and a lot of the grungers in high school deemed me worthy to talk to them. I think that was the closest I have ever been to being stereotyped, and at that time I certainly enjoyed it. I loved metal and grunge music. It made me tick. But I never truly was a punker or a metalhead. Not quite. And so I continued to be unlabelled.

Oh, but now I’m labelled. I’m a Dipper, a DSRist, someone who believes in the Doggett/Scully Relationship. I’ve taken to calling myself the Deranged Stereotypical Rebel for a reason.

I am Delusional because many people seem to continuously tell me I’m nuts for wanting to believe in a non-existent relationship that will never, ever, ever happen, and can’t I get that through my thick scull?

I am Stereotypical because there are childish fools out there who believe that all Dippers think alike. And they don’t give my posts the light of day because they know we’re all crazy in the head, and seem to have a hate for Mulder. And if they do give my posts the light of day, it’s only to pick out the parts they don’t like, and they certainly ignore the valid points I’ve made.

And I am a Rebel because I choose to follow the beat of my own drum.

I am sick and tired of people typing out that all DSRists hate Mulder and think he is abusive.

I am sick and tired of people claiming that all DSRists hate MSR.

I am sick and tired of people accusing all DSRists of actually wanting the DSR to come to fruition.

People like this are giving me a bad name!

I’m not saying that the other DSRists are bad, or even a) deranged b) stereotypical or c) a rebel. I’m not saying that at all. I’m trying to say that I am a unique individual who perceives the DSR in a completely unique way! Granted that most of the other DSRists are going to agree with one point or another that I make, but come on! I’m sure all MSRists believe in some same points, but not all the same points!

So please, stop telling others precisely how I think. Because it’s not how I think.

I think differently than the rest, because I am my own person and not some stereotype you slap on my forehead.

Whack fall the day!

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