Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Why I DO Ship DSR

Maybe I should clarify what I am just a bit more.

I 100% love Mulder. I think he’s amazing. He encompasses so many things I look for in friends (especially being freaky weird). I never once thought of Doggett as better than Mulder. And I know there are a few people out there that do.

No, I think Doggett is an equally great character.

I love them both. The same.

Yes, the same.

I know you don’t believe me. But that’s okay!

I fell in love with Mulder almost the same time I fell in love with the X-Files. I’m a strong believer in the paranormal. Before I called the X-Files my favourite show, I was calling Ghost Hunters my favourite show, with Sliders falling in close behind. I believe in so many things that are labeled “paranormal” and “sci-fi”. Sometimes I even believe that whales are sentient beings (so shut up about Reyes and her whale song, please).

So to love Mulder sort of goes hand in hand with my beliefs, right? It doesn’t hurt that David Duchovny is a gorgeous specimen of the male gender.

So it’s here that I wish to explain to all of my fellow philes that I am not in love with Doggett and hate Mulder. I love them both.

Yes, I think Doggett is a perfect match for Scully. No, I do not believe Mulder is. I feel that while there is most obviously strong chemistry (physically and emotionally) between Mulder and Scully, a relationship between the two would be most unhealthy. I’m not saying the relationship never happened. It obviously did. What I’m saying is that I feel the two characters are much too different personality-wise for the two to ever have a normal and healthy relationship, which is something Scully wishes to have, as she has said so herself.

Mulder will never be able to give her precisely what she is looking for.

Now, I’m the first to admit that if I love a person, I’m willing to accept the things I can not have in a relationship. And I’m sure Scully has decided to forfeit her dreams because her love of Mulder is so strong. But what’s so wrong with Scully pondering what it would be like to be in a steady relationship with Doggett? Is it so wrong for people to think outside the box and wonder about the ‘what-ifs’?

Some people find that it is wrong to think outside the box. And they continuously rehash the fact that Mulder and Scully rowed off into the sunset together at the end of IW2B. Fine, they did. In extremely shoddy CGI, they rowed off to some unknown future. I saw it, I felt myself throw up a bit in the back of my throat, and then I left the theatre. Yes, Scully is with Mulder, no matter what. No, she will never get with Doggett. No, I will not stop thinking about what if they did.

Yes, I want Doggett in the third movie, if it ever comes about. I think Doggett could offer so much to the movie, and I really would love to see him end up being the director. Because everyone continuously said he would. So in my dream world, Doggett would be in charge!! I in no way want Doggett to be in the third movie just so he can hook up with Scully. I’m smarter than that, and I’m pretty sure most Delusional Stereotypical Rebels agree with me on this one. We know the two will never get together. So stop telling us that it will never happen. We already know! We’re not as stupid as some people make us out to be.

I think the reason I love the Doggett/Scully Relationship match so much is because it gives me the opportunity to be the writer, so that I can match them up as I see fit. Not because I wish it to happen in the television show. If anything, I don’t want to see it happen. Ever. The moment the relationship is canon, I’m bored. Which is why I’m still being stringed along while watching Bones. Because Booth and Brennan have yet to get together! And omg, please don’t let them together! I enjoy the awkward situations where I squee and *wish* they would just KISS GODDAMNIT. I enjoy that feeling.

See, that’s the thing guys. The moment the girl gets the guy, the Harlequin Romance is over. Perhaps there’s another fifty pages to tie up loose ends, or perhaps something happens where they’re torn apart so that you’ll come back for a second novel. But the moment the heroine is in that hero’s arms, the story is over. Because that’s the only reason we’re reading those books (well, aside for those raunchy sex scenes).

You show me a person who reads those books for the plot, and I’ll show you a person who is lying to themselves.

And well, that’s all I’ve got for today, guys. Perhaps more musings tomorrow!!

Whack fall the day!

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